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Tip #2: Should I Set Up a Practice Event?

Posted on: March 15th, 2015 | by Bill Kenney

While we’ve had several customers sign up and successfully use Score My Pitch for important events on the same day, we would not recommend this. Like any software, there is a learning curve to optimizing your use of Score My Pitch.

We would recommend:

  • Setting up a practice event
  • Inviting yourself as a judge and completing a ballot
  • Viewing results for judge discussion or sharing feedback with the ventures
  • Exploring other options such as the audience ballot, adding prizes and video post event, etc…

Our goal is to make the platform as intuitive and user friendly as is possible, so please let us know your recommendations. Send any suggestions to Bill Kenney at

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Tip #1: Who Should Provide the Technology?

Posted on: March 15th, 2015 | by Bill Kenney

Organizers ask us quite often if they should provide the technology to judges at their pitch events. Making this decision requires assessing the balance between controlling every element of the process and having judges on familiar technology.

Recommendation: We have found that it is best to have judges on the their own laptop or tablet with keyboard when using Score My Pitch. This allows judges to use the hardware, operating system and browser that is most familiar to them.

Risks: The judge forgets to bring their technology or they have trouble accessing the WiFi.

Solution: Have one or two backup laptops per every 5-judges.